Selling a boob job just got easier

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New US clinical software player enters the Aussie cosmetic surgery market.

An American clinical software player has just entered the Australian cosmetic surgery market offering not just clinical note-taking but a raft of digital marketing tools as well. 

BoomerangFX is a global provider of Software as a Service (SaaS), specialising in clinic practice management solutions for private patients in aesthetic medicine. They’ll be targeting sectors including dermatology, cosmetic surgery, medical spa, cosmetic dentistry, vision care, and women’s health. 

Beyond practice management and clinical note-taking Boomerang FX‘s cloud-based solution offers a vertical integration of sales lead generation, electronic digital marketing and eLearning resources. 

The solution’s Clinic Manager Dashboard provides real-time tracking of projected and actual revenues, sales mix, staff utilisation and consult-to-treatment conversion metrics. Another function is a virtual personal assistant for clinic managers which incorporates algorithms and machine learning to “optimise the clinic profitability and efficiency”, according to a Boomerang FX statement. 

Cosmetic surgery in Australia is booming – it’s more popular per capita than in the US, with almost seven million Australians, or 38% of the adult population considering a procedure in the next 10 years. The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine released research in June showing that Australians spend over $1bn every year on more than 500,000 procedures. 

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Now, with Boomerang FX entering the Australian market, patient clinical notes and targeted marketing campaigns can be integrated.  

Dr Ian Chinsee, cosmetic surgeon and chief executive of Inigo Cosmetic said they have implemented  Boomerang FX.   

“Our decision to choose Boomerang FX as our clinic management software was driven by the absence of a comparable solution in Australia that effectively caters to both the surgical and non-surgical aspects of our business while simultaneously addressing day-to-day operational and marketing needs under one platform.” 

Jerome Dwight, chief executive of Boomerang FX said he was “delighted to bring the full breadth of our capabilities to the Australian market”. He said that the platform offered innovations in patient workflow automation, AI-driven digital marketing and retention marketing that were all designed to grow a clinic’s operations. 

“Australia is a dynamic market that caters to diverse consumer preferences and high standards of care.  Our solutions provide a comprehensive suite of tools that allow clinics to capitalise on the rapidly expanding market opportunities,” Mr Dwight said. 

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