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Global health software company Orion and Pieces Technologies join forces.

Orion Health and healthcare AI research and development firm Pieces Technologies have partnered for an AI solution aiming to deliver comprehensive, locally derived data to clinicians and caregivers.

The collaboration brings together Orion Health’s Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform (HIP) and Pieces’ AI technology, also named Pieces.

Orchestral HIP is designed to acquire, unify and analyse data for patients across complex health systems when care is delivered over multiple care settings. The technology allows healthcare providers to have a complete view of the patient to make data-driven decisions, improving patient outcomes and enhancing overall healthcare management.

Pieces supports care teams by enabling AI auto-generated patient summaries and clinical insights directly in the Orion Health Clinical Portable dashboards.

The collaboration will provide AI-generated patient summaries in real time based on all available current and longitudinal patient data in the Orchestral HIP, enabling healthcare professionals to immediately know what has happened to patients since last seeing them through accessible clinical prose.

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The partnership will also enable access to a consolidated set of electronic and health data that AI can use to generate “wide-view” patient summaries that go beyond traditional EHR data. This dataset will offer a holistic view of patients, made possible by integration with Orchestral and presentation of information in Orion Health’s Clinical Portal, as well as other clinical systems.

Orion Health CEO Brad Porter said: “There is huge potential in combining the expertise and technologies of our two organisations to create even greater value for health systems across the globe and fast-track our ambition to reimagine the healthcare experience for everyone.”

The partnership will focus on integrated delivery networks (IDNs) for health care, health systems and hospitals.

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