Wild Health Summit case study: Amelio Health

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In this video, CEO and founder of Amelio Health Kathy Hubble talks about the company’s digital therapeutic platform for chronic pain available to insured patients.

Twenty percent of insurance claims incur 90% of outgoing costs for workers compensation and income protection insurance, says founder and CEO of Amelio Health, Kathy Hubble. 

Those are the claims that end up going over the three-month mark – the dangerous time when acute pain can end up being chronic. 

“This is where the medical model is really struggling,” said Ms Hubble. 

“It starts with a vicious cycle. You might have an initial injury, and its often fuelled by unnecessary surgeries and, often, opioids, which can induce a sensitivity in the nervous system. 

“The FDA has only just admitted that opioids cause hyperanalgesia. People think the opioids are helping them, but they’re actually making their pain worse.” 

In this 10-minute video, Ms Hubble talks about the clinical evidence showing the effectiveness of Amelio Health’s platform for chronic pain. 

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