MediRecords extends contract with Queensland Health

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The sky’s the limit, says company founder and CEO Matthew Galetto.

Cloud tech company MediRecords has renewed its statewide contract with Queensland Health for provision of a practice management enterprise solution. 

The contract extension means Queensland hospital and health services can deploy functions such as ePrescribing within MediRecords’ clinical platform, while continuing to use the Medicare billing and reporting workflows implemented in 2019. 

The renewed contract is for an initial term of three years with an option for another two. 

MediRecords founder and CEO Matthew Galetto said the billing and claiming platform had delivered significant efficiency gains for Queensland Health since 2019, including an 85% reduction in rejected Medicare claims realised within two months of go live. 

“With more than 6000 subscribers within Queensland Health, we have been able to demonstrate the value and efficiency of a scalable solution for a large enterprise client,” Mr Galetto said. 

Implemented to support private practice billing, receipting, distribution and reporting of practice revenue on behalf of medical officers, MediRecords also provides appointment management and clinical records at some HHSs. New features to be added to the MediRecords platform in 2024 include transaction reports, deposits, an inpatient admissions module, and new patient portal. 

Declaration of interest: HSD publisher Jeremy Knibbs is a non-executive director of MediRecords. 

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