Cervical cancer NFP partners with Cirdan to ‘future-proof’ its labs

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The ACPCC is integrating the new laboratory management system to create a ‘completely digital environment’ and streamline its laboratory processes.

The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer will use Cirdan’s laboratory information management system ULTRA, to “streamline and future-proof” its laboratories, part of its push to eliminate cervical cancer by 2035.

ACPCC is a not-for-profit committed to halting the spread of infectious diseases and reducing the prevalence of cervical cancer across Australia.

Through its human papillomavirus laboratory, education, cervical screening, vaccinations registries and innovative health solutions, the centre is striving towards eliminating cervical cancer in just over a decade.

The implementation of the new laboratory management system will be rolled out in the centre’s pathology division in Melbourne throughout 2024.

“The implementation of Cirdan’s modern and unified laboratory information management system will serve to improve ACPCC’s laboratory efficiency by more effectively managing the flow of samples and data, and ultimately creating a centralised storage of data required for quality control compliance,” said Cirdan in a media statement.

“ACPCC’s vision and commitment is to prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of public health services supporting screening, population-based testing and vaccination.”

Cirdan’s laboratory management system offers “lean and expeditious” collection of high volumes of data, increasing efficiency of patient diagnosis.

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The system will also standardise ACPCC’s workflows, giving new insight into the available data.

The “unified” system will collate the functionality of the existing subsystems, such as the ACPCC’s in-house lab management system, which the centre currently relies on, a third-party management system, a billing system, a scanning solution and the communications services.

The new system hopes to “future-proof” ACPCC’s pathology division by creating an entirely digital environment.

“The introduction of the new Cirdan laboratory information management system will allow us to continue to build our versatility whilst maintaining our high-quality approach to reporting patients pathology results,” said ACPCC’s director of molecular microbiology Associate Professor Dave Hawkes.

Commenting on the new partnership, Cirdan CEO Hugh Cormican said, “we are delighted to work with ACPCC – a global leader in the prevention of cervical cancer – and support their tremendous work in Australia and in the wider world”.

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