Three-way deal to boost local orthopaedic device manufacture

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University of Melbourne and RMIT researchers have joined forces with device manufacturer Signature Orthopaedics.

Australian medical device manufacturer Signature Orthopaedics has entered a three-way strategic partnership with two prominent Victorian medtech researchers to advance biomedical research and innovation in orthopaedic devices.

Signed by RMIT Distinguished Professor Milan Brandt, University of Melbourne deputy head of biomedical engineering Professor Peter Lee and Signature Orthopaedics CEO Dr Declan Brazil, the partnership is aimed at fostering greater cross-disciplinary collaboration on the design, development and testing of “new and personalised” orthopaedic implant devices, according to an announcement released by RMIT University.

Building on longstanding collaborative relationships between all three partners, as well as both universities’ extensive investments in medtech research and development, the agreement will also seek to amplify Melbourne’s position as a national leader in biomedical research and medical device manufacturing.

Information regarding the initial projects to be undertaken under the new strategic partnership is expected in the next few months.

According to Dr Brazil the partnership was aimed at not only fostering innovation in the orthopaedics sector but also bolstering Australia’s position as a leader in medtech research and commercialisation.

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“Together we will develop a clinical test bed for new materials, designs and methods in orthopaedic implants and devices, and connect our joint talent to amplify scientific and industry leadership across Australia’s growing Medtech sector,” he said.  

“This partnership’s goal is to bring to market new and personalised medical implant technologies that can improve health outcomes and quality of life.”

First established in Lane Cove in 2009, Signature Orthopaedics is Australia’s only local manufacturer of implantable orthopaedic devices, with products including hip and knee joint replacements, soft tissue repair implants and devices used in osteosynthesis.

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