Scholarships bolstering LGBTQIA+ healthcare workforce

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Pinnacle Foundation has encouraged young queer Australians interested in a career in healthcare to apply for its 2024 academic year scholarships, valued at up to $8000.

Australia’s LGBTQIA+ education charity has encouraged queer aspiring health professionals to apply for its educational scholarships, now open for applications for 2024. 

Pinnacle Foundation’s scholarships are open to all LGBTQIA+ Australians aged 18-27 looking to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate tertiary education at a public institution. 

First-time recipients are awarded up to $8000 for their first year of study, with the option of extending the scholarship across multiple years subject to the scholar satisfying eligibility criteria and maintaining their academic performance. Scholarships available for returning Pinnacle scholars are valued at $6000. 

One current Pinnacle scholar, Mikhayla Azzopardi, is pursuing a career as an adult and paediatric intensivist with hopes of improving visibility and representation for LGBTQIA+ people in the healthcare and medical industries. 

Another Pinnacle scholar, Nienna Fontana, is studying psychology at the University of Tasmania with aims of becoming a clinical psychologist specialising in queer mental health.  

Through Pinnacle’s Olrem scholarship, Ms Fontana has received financial support to finish her degree and work towards qualifying as a clinical psychologist in the next three years.  

Pinnacle foundation is a nationwide LGBTQIA+ education charity providing scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for LGBTQIA+ Australians aged 18-27 pursuing or returning to tertiary education. 

Applications for next year’s round of scholarships close on 31 August.  

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